The Tortoise & the Hare

Remember, growth doesn’t happen overnight. To be a better person is a work in progress. The objective when it comes to being better people isn’t to reach some imaginary finish line. Growth isn’t a race that ends, but is simply about getting further on the track today than yesterday. Looking at growth this way, I understand that to be a better person requires hard work and focus.

Do you know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? What that story taught me is that growth isn’t a competition. It’s not about you being better than someone else but to be your best self. That’s why you should try to see yourself as a plant in a garden. You have to be willing to get my hands dirty. Pull out the weeds so your flowers won’t get tainted. Instead, you’d rather be an insect roaming through a garden looking for food to devour.

You care too much about competition. To you, everything is about being better than someone else. I ask, what about your life are you comparing to mine? What’s the point in being ahead of me in a race if you have no finish line to reach? Who wins this way and what prize is to be obtained?

The world is bigger than how we perceive it. And yet, you try to shrink the world in size by making yourself the center of it. Do you know how foolish that is? Being the center of the world is pointless when the world isn’t even the center of our galaxy. So learn to humble yourself before life does it for you.

If anything should be centered, it’s history. All our existential questions about life can be answered by studying the past. What history teaches us is that we cannot know anything if we’re not willing to learn. The past is painful not because our memories are scarred, but because we’re not faith healers. Instead of learning from the past, we manipulate it. Turn a scar into a tattoo that we can show the world. Form paint out of tears and make beautiful a canvas we made of the Earth.

Here’s what I’ve learned from history.

  1. Cages have existed long before we stuffed children into them
  2. Violence is always the answer to those that question its use to empower
  3. To be a better person, one must actively want to be better

Do you see? Our hands aren’t gentle creatures. Look how easy it is for our fingers to become claws that we don’t even notice it. We’ve made too many wounded things of everything we touched. Left cracks on surfaces to mold statues to worship ourselves. What could’ve been diamonds we’ve ground into dust. And for what? To have a false view of Godhood we’ll never obtain? So the future can remember us as its creators and not its end?

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