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What is the White Man’s Burden in Today’s America?

In 1899, Rudyard Kipling’s poem “A White Man’s Burden,” was published in American magazines and publications. Written during the Philippine-American war, the poem was used to encourage the United States to assume colonial control of the Filipino people and their country.

Kipling, like most colonizers, believed that colonization was doing black people and other people of color a favor. To Kipling, it was white people’s jobs to uplift non-whites from savagery and that imperialism was the way to go about it.

Now, look how far white nationalism has come since then! From going around trying to save everyone by forcing leadership over everything, they’re now fearful of losing their power to the very people they claim that they were fighting to uplift. And here is how white supremacy is born and empowered.

By the time you read this, a mass shooting has happened or is happening. Hell, it’s more likely, another mass shooting is being planned in a chatroom on 4chan. Eventually, another novel-sized manifesto is being written, proofread, revised and published.

Another Terminator-like gun that would rival anything in Rambo’s arsenal is being purchased from another gun owner. Another life will be taken because America cares more about the money made off the gun than the person killed because of it.

Another, another, another…

I wish I could say the mass shooting that happened here in Dayton was shocking. However, that shock only lasted about a good ten minutes before I moved on to numbness, and then sorrow because of how numb I felt about it.

I remind myself that It wasn’t even three months ago that we had a KKK rally that our city officials allowed and supported. So, since I cannot trust a thing our elected officials have to say about this mass shooting, what will be done now?

I’m assuming thoughts and prayers are going viral through tweets and Facebook posts and that there are written statements being read and discussed on various news networks.

Donald Trump is having one of his aids write a sincere apology to the victims and a enraging condemnation of the cowardly shooter before practicing his golf swing.

Victims will be plastered on television to tell the world where they were and what they were doing before their names are added to a long list of mass shooting survivors.

A hero will be found somewhere in the chaos and we’ll be so enthused by their story, we’ll temporary forget our anger that nobody should have to be a hero or a victim of what is and has always been a preventable mass shooting.

Some politician is going to make a speech about love and peace that was simply copied from another politician’s statement a week prior with the appropriate minor adjustments. You know, they have to change the name of the place the shooting happened in and the number of people that died this time around.

The only thing that will remain the same is that the shooter’s motives won’t be mentioned even though we’ll know what their motives were before CNN gets their hands on the story.

We’re going to hear about the shooter though (not his name because we don’t want to make him famous or whatever). They’ll remind us how much of a troubled person he was. Instead of posting his mugshot online, they’ll find some picture of him smiling into the camera wearing jeans and a collared shirt, his arm wrapped around some blurred out person’s face who’s also smiling.

This way, we can see how normal of a person he was. Or, the media to remind us that white men are no different than everyone else or something like that, right? Otherwise, what would be the point?

All of this will happen until another mass shooting happens. Who knows when that will be? If I was a betting man, I’d say by the time you read this sentence a number of people will be dead. And then the process repeats because that’s all that will happen.

No change to any law. No addressing the actually problem of white supremacy. Nothing will happen but another preventable mass shooting, that again, I cannot stress enough is preventable.

This is the America we live in. Or should I say, the America we’re forced to live in. The Purge is real, folks! Nothing about this Hunger Game is fiction. It seems we’re being picked off one-by-one. Unless a machine gun is involved, then it’s more like many-by-many. But why is that? Why is going outside a game of life and death?

How does mass shootings make powerful people seem powerless? It’s wild how those who are literally in positions to change some shit, choose not to. Instead, it’s just arguments, town-hall meetings, angry tweets from people to go vote, and protests through a downtown marketplace.

Every mass murder has me wondering if I’m psychic or if the world is predictable. I mean, I already know everything that happens after a mass shooting will only lead to another mass shooting.

They say, a white man’s anger is a disease that is plaguing America. However, I think differently. When America’s entire existence is because of said anger then it cannot be a disease. Not unless you’re talking about the people who are dying because of it.

What has been disease to us is a remedy to them. And who is them? None other than the white men that turn their anger into gun powder and their hatred into a machine gun. Sadly, this leaves the rest of us as a target with a bulls eye implanted into our heads.

Is all white men to blame for the rise in hate in America? Of course, not! I know that not all white men is a Nazi worshiping White Supremacist that thinks slavery and the genocide of indigenous people was when America was at its greatest.

Not all Trump supporters are racists and not all police officers are racists and not all politicians are racists and not all blank-blankity-blank are racists. I understand and accept that as universal truth.

Now that that’s out of the way, this arguing as to where an individual white person is at on the morality spectrum is pointless! Like congrats, you’re one of the few white people don’t say the n-word publicly, should I give you a cookie as a thank you?

We cannot keep centering the feelings of white men when talking about the downfalls of systematic power and expect good results at the end of said conversation. What is gained if every time that white supremacy is mentioned that white men have to be coddled?

The truth, whether if the media wants to report on it or not, is that white supremacy is endangering lives. It’s always been this way since before America was colonized. So what is to be done about it?

Gun control debates is only going to intensify as more people get killed. And what’s worse, as much as I want to believe gun control is going to help fight against mass shootings, I doubt it will actually work in the long run.

Systematic racism affects everything from the judicial system, politics, education, home ownership, media, environment, and how we greet one another when walking down the street.

So why would gun laws work any differently?

Think about it: a white man and a black man try to purchase a gun from the same store, are gun laws going to work fairly for both men? A law is useless if it’s not enforced. Or at least, it’s useless if only enforced on certain people and not others.

Remember Philando Castille? The black man who was also a legal gun owner who got shot dead in front of his girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter in the backseat? I don’t recall gun laws protecting him or even the NRA sending out a statement to condemn his rights being violated.

I don’t trust the judicial system when it comes to enforcing gun laws. Compare how white supremacists that commit mass shootings are treated compared to Tamir Rice with a toy gun and every other black person that is “deemed a threat” even unarmed and you’ll see an issue.

And it’s not like our politicians are any better at addressing the racial undertones in these mass shootings. Republicans would rather pray that people don’t get in the range of the bullet, while democrats want to pretend the gun is the driving force behind the mass shootings and not the finger on the trigger.

Unsurprisingly, the media is no better when condemning these people. After the ninth thousandth mass shooting, they’re still calling the shooters “loners” and “troubled.” In America, only those of a darker shade can reach the level of “terrorists” as its an honor that only a subsection of civilians get to obtain.

Or, they do this thing where they won’t name the shooter because they don’t want to make them famous, which is confusing to me. These people aren’t out here shooting up shit because they want to be the next Kardashian.

The reason why they’re doing what they’re doing is written right there in their 500 page manifestos that they’re the authors and publishers of. It’s right there in chapter one, page four!

White supremacists fear losing this country. They fear they’re being driven out and are becoming minorities. Their fear is what’s driving their anger to hurt and murder. So again, what good will gun laws do in the long run to stop or even limit mass shooting if we’re not addressing the root issue with the same intensity as gun control?

Their fear is losing power and control of a country that has always placed them first. This fear has always been the white man’s burden. It’s a weight that suffocates us like the hands of Daniel Pantaleo’s around Eric Gardner’s neck.

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