I Would Say “Fuck Batman” but Capitalism is Our Fault Too

We should be treated better. Money should never dictate our worth. Suffering should be the only thing that comes at a price. An amount that we shouldn’t even entertain to pay. Yet, here we are. Dreaming of wealth and not the end of poverty altogether.

Capitalism has broken us. Left ruined what was once beautiful. So what do we call ourselves now? Products of a system to be distributed for someone else’s gain. Maybe we never were human to begin with. What if we’re only pretending that everything is okay? To keep our innocence, we sacrifice others for our own sins

Did you know that stone is made of Earth? Nature forms stone into being as it does the people. Maybe what stone represents is our humanity? We cast it aside until we find its worth. It can be used to build or destroy, to be weapon or tool. So who decides the purpose of stone? The sculptor or the capitalist? Then again, they’re one in the same.

We love throwing stones and hiding our hands. It’s a love so deep that we decide to craft luxurious things with the stones laid on the ground. The blood of those that had fallen used for glue. Cheap, easy to make, and plenty of it to go around. We’ve made statues of men and women who long forgotten their humanity.

Look at the rich and powerful we aspire to be? The excuses we allow them to make when it comes to tyranny. You want to know what I’ve noticed about those in power? How powerless they become when they’re needed. Imagine a superhero’s kryptonite being his own cape. Anyone who saves those who cause suffering shouldn’t be called heroes.

Would you have respect for Bruce Wayne if he worked for Lex Luther? Better question: how is Batman the hero? We applaud him for catching the bank robbers, but say nothing when he dines and does business with corrupt politicians and greedy billionaires. What’s worse, the worker that robs his own job to support his family or the billionaire who’d rather buy his third mansion instead of paying the worker a livable wage?

America has treated children like animals since it’s birth. Maybe, even worst than animals. Do you recall seeing the eagle locked in a cage when speaking of patriotism? The statue of liberty should raise a pitchfork and not a torch. Should America be praised for its freedom if it enslaves everyone else?

We call ourselves sculptors and not murderers. Use someone else’s head as a chisel instead of a hammer. Paint the American flag with blood oozing out of a child’s wounds. Make stones into bombs and not houses. This is the suffering that we cause and benefit from. So it’s a lie to say capitalism has broken us.

Only something that doesn’t work is considered broken. You cannot make a television cook food like an oven, nor can America be the land of the free when it cages people. We’ve made liars of ourselves. Even I’m not exempt from this condemnation. America works the way it was intended to work because we’ve allowed it.

History tells us that we haven’t changed. We call ourselves better for being different than who came before us. All we’ve done is put sprinkles on dog shit and call it chocolate. Nothing is healthy or awe-inspiring about anything we’re doing. So what I said before was a lie. We should be treated the way we’re treated because this is how we treat ourselves.


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