The Stars are Worth their Weight in Gold

Have you ever thought about life? Really thought about it? Nighttime when you’re dosing off to sleep is the best time to do so. It’s something about the dark that’s comforting. A silence that speaks to you without judgement. Sometimes, it scares me what my mind thinks in these moments. Other times, like right now, I cannot help myself.

It’s like the moon is listening. Using the stars to communicate, I find answers in constellations. What is god but the universe the way we imagine it? Who am I underneath this patch of brown skin covering bone and ligaments? In the answers, I find myself uncovering the lies I’ve been told.  

The saying about life being what we make it is a lie. To believe this would mean that we can control what happens to us. We should know better by now. Reality is what’s happening to us at this very moment. Life is the cause and we’re the effect, not vice-versa.

Fairytales are only real in the books we create from own imagination. What this means is that love is never how we envision it. So what are we searching for? I’d say, somebody to make us gods. We want to shrink the world into something small. The smaller something is, the easier we can control it.

Sadly, the universe isn’t a thing. Though we give a name to it, we don’t own it. We cannot make the earth a pet. This place we live is only home as long as it accepts us. So where is our gratitude? At what point do we clean this place up? Don’t you want a happy home?

I’ve been thinking where I belong in this world. What is my place in it? A typical human dilemma. Searching for a purpose that doesn’t exist. Wanting someone to tell us our worth as if they can put a price on our souls. What we’ve learned about gold is why we should quit proving ourselves to people who see us as worthless.

Gold is worth a fortune because of its scarcity. What this means is that individually we’re nothing of importance. A billion people on a single planet and we’re foolishly trying to prove we’re better than each other. As if anything created was made by a single person.

Individually, we’re not the sun. You alone cannot brighten an entire day, at least not forever. The night will come and then what? Sunlight cannot illuminate the darkness of space in color by itself. That’s why there are stars. And our complete disregard of each other is why the stars are dying.

To do alone has made us arrogant. We see each other as competitors and not comrades. Imagine if stars waged war against one another? The darkness of our sky would overwhelm us. Don’t you see? We’re much stronger when together with a common goal to keep the night in its cage.

Even if stars aren’t strong enough to color everything in their glow, it’s okay. What I’ve learned about the night is what I wish we understood about each other. Stars are powerful in how they make the night beautiful despite its darkness. And we must find solace in being starlight, somehow.

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