A Daily Mantra for Lost Souls

Live, not as if today is your last, but your first. Let the sun touch your skin and let yourself feel its warmth. Allow the air to wrap you up in a tight embrace and never let go. Tell yourself that you’re loved and mean when you say. Be okay and stay that away.

Know that hope isn’t a feeling but a habit. So be aware of your behavior. When you smile, let your face grow into it. Your cheeks may hurt from stretching too long but growth is exercise. Happiness doesn’t happen over night. Sometimes, joy doesn’t come in the morning but in fleeting moments.

Where are you at this very second?

Imagine yourself the destination. Life is a journey where you’re meant to discover yourself. So cherish your time as you travel. If you rush, you’ll miss out on the scenery. Beauty is everywhere around you. Even the darkest places contains wonder. There’s a reason that stars only appear at night.

Do you search for love? As long as you see yourself the destination, you’ll always be the home longed for. Remember that time is a spiritual journey. From your memories, you create the world you wish to inhabit. You’re a shooting star and the night is a clear canvas. Dream as if you’re an artist and become the god you pray to.

Time is an illusion and death is only perception. Only what doesn’t grow is capable of dying. Don’t you see why memories are important? Even the bad ones? Use your past like a tool. A house can never build itself. Only your footprints can leave behind a trail for someone to follow.

So what do you pray for? To be loved? To be wanted? Then be the road. When you discover yourself, someone will find you. Eventually.  

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