What is Telekinesis? A Superpower that is More Scam than Super

I don’t think telekinesis is a superpower. Controlling things with our minds isn’t a gift but a curse. Of course, you think differently. Believing that with telekinesis, all our problems will be solved. Not understanding that no superpower automatically makes us a superhero. The choices we make, however, does. This is why telekinesis isn’t a superpower. You cannot control anything without taking away freewill.

Why climb the mountain when you have the power to move them? I could make the argument the power of telekinesis takes away ambition but I won’t. In fact, I’d argue that the mountain’s existence puts a barrier between us. It creates selfishness. We see each other as competitors and not comrades. This is why telekinesis is pointless. It blinds us from seeing the mountain as the enemy.

We’re taught to be ambitious and not empathetic. Force a dream to be reality even when it inflicts a nightmare onto each other. Surviving is never anything to be happy about. Who cares if we’re alive? We must accomplish something to be considered a living thing. In this world, to die before death is the ultimate sin.  

This is why telekinesis is wanted. Telekinesis has always been a hard skill to learn. You find it hard to push your mind into action instead of the thoughts that infiltrates it. These thoughts that you’re nothing more than human. These thoughts telling you that something is wrong with that.

Why can’t you not think? You want to turn your open hand into a fist without telling yourself to do so. It’s never easy just to do anything. Even breathing, a subconscious act that we have no control over, has become challenging. This is why telekinesis is chaotic.

There must be something wrong with the air. Polluted and greyish in color, the air is violent against your skin. How does it strike without warning? The pain is too much sometimes. Makes you want to pull off this skin and throw it away like roadkill. It’s like someone said your mind is infected with yourself and you believed it.

They say Telekinesis is ‘Mind over Matter’ but how? When the mind says you don’t matter, is telekinesis still a superpower?

I’d be lying if I said Telekinesis didn’t look awesome. I like how telekinesis turns the mind into a shield instead of a weapon. A shield that protects you from the world, instead of a weapon, that leaves bruises on your own skin. From sci-fi movies to comic books, telekinesis is one of the most powerful superpowers to have.

With the power of telekinesis, you can take down a lot of enemies at once. Be an army all on your own. Is there a better superpower to have if you’re an introvert? Imagine never having to rely on anyone to fight your fights. Finally, you’ll be the hero you’ve always wanted to save you.

Discovered through trauma and strengthened by pain, this is how telekinesis is earned. You know, it’s like how coal is turned into diamond. The past is supposed to reveal you to the world. Change you from who you are to who you must be.

Just be careful. The problem with telekinesis is its own power. Too much usage can break the mind and kill you from the inside. Ask Jean Grey, what the Phoenix Force can do when it’s not controlled. Be aware that the brain works in a similar way. If you don’t control its thoughts, you’ll be controlled by them instead.

Maybe that’s what’s happening to you. I see how unhinged you are. Your skin turns into a straight jacket and everywhere feels like a padded room. Don’t you feel like a prisoner? Aren’t you desperate for a way out? Your mind wants an escape from a maze that it created. This is why telekinesis is dangerous, as it’s not the same as creation. The mind can only affect what already exists. You’re only strong enough to open a door and not build one.

So telekinesis becomes destructive. Breaks down walls because there are never any doors. Destroys houses before you can even call them a home. So where do you go? Where do you find refuge when you have no options? Telekinesis craves control and the body is the only thing the mind has to achieve that.

Why don’t you see that you’re a victim? You cannot be saved by anyone. Too many barriers have surrounded you. Turned your mind into a cage. This is why telekinesis is dangerous. Not to you but to everyone around you.

Do you know what happened to Jean Grey when the Phoenix Force took over her body? Self-destruction is never self-consumed. An earthquake never destroys a single building, no more than cancer infects a single cell. Understand that the mind can be a virus. Telekinesis is the name of the disease that devours itself. And you cannot be a healer until you realize that you’re sick.   

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